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At Malcarne Solar, we love the environmental and social benefits of renewable energy, but with the Malcarne Difference, financial savings can now be added to the list of benefits! Many homeowners and businesses are going solar because it is lowering their annual electric costs, so by going solar they are saving money every month! Solar Electric is a reliable and profitable investment- Malcarne Solar takes it even a step further by utilizing our electric reduction expertise.


Lower or eliminate your energy costs while building equity in your home. We offer a wide range of financing structures to meet your investment requirements. Whether you are looking to lower your monthly costs (and build equity in your home at the same time), or make a larger upfront investment and maximize your electricity cost savings, we can match your individual goals. Depending on the financing structure, the typical New York single family house can expect to save anywhere between $27,000 to $55,000 AFTER accounting for project costs, over the course of the investment. In addition, homeowners are now insulated from rises and spikes in energy costs while at the same time getting Tax Exempt property value increases. Don’t forget: homeowners receive Federal and State tax credits for going solar; save on taxes too!


With Malcarne Solar’s reduction before production concept, business owners can reduce or eliminate not only electricity supply and delivery charges, but also demand charges. Business owners will be able to reliably predict their energy costs and not ever worry again about electricity price hikes. In addition to saving on electricity, business owners will also benefit from generous tax credits as well as tax deductions. Malcarne Solar can negotiate multiple kinds of financing structures to fit your business’s needs. Whether its immediate savings with no upfront cost, or maximizing energy and tax savings, or somewhere in between, Malcarne Solar will help your business’s bottom line.