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Our Team

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Behind The Success

Malcarne Solar has a team of highly trained full-service energy contractors
with extensive experience in producing energy efficient homes and businesses.

Joseph Malcarne - Malcarne Solar

Joseph Malcarne


Joseph is the reason Malcarne Solar exists. Building upon many lessons from many talented people in his young life and coming into this world with a knack for leadership, Joseph has built this company from the ground up and is committed to doing what it takes to make every job a success. He is also always there to patch up any problems or to manage the job in the most efficient and creative way. He is the key stone of this company!

Nevien Sidarous - Malcarne Solar

Nevien Sidarous


Nevien is NYS Licensed Architect and will be involved with those projects that need the oversight of a design professional and will resolve and structural concerns. Nevien has worked in the construction and design industry for over 30-years and provides a wealth of experience and insight that enables her to solve the most complicated situations that come up!

Gregson Pullen - Malcarne Solar

Gregson Pullen

General Manager

Gregson has experience with all facets of the solar industry; from construction, design, sales to financing solutions, Gregson stands behind all Malcarne Solar’s projects. As an unrepentant energy nerd, Gregson is always looking forward, keeping Malcarne Solar on the cutting edge of solar as well as energy reduction technology and practices, dedicating himself to creating the most value for Malcarne’s clients.

Jennifer Malcarne - Malcarne Solar

Jennifer Malcarne

Office Manager and Marketing Director

Jennifer keeps the office organized and running efficiently at Malcarne Solar. She also is the one behind all those billboards and TV commercials you see in the Mid-Hudson Valley. She is a graphic designer at heart and is always looking for new ways to market Malcarne Solar.

Steven LaPage - Malcarne Solar

Steven LaPage

Energy Efficient Specialist, Solar Energy Professional

Steven has worked in senior positions in both Energy Reduction and Solar (PV) Production fields. With extensive experience in the Building Performance industry (energy reduction), Steven is an expert at identifying energy reduction measures. After a visit from Steven, Malcarne Solar customers will see their home and their energy use in a whole new light. Steven prides himself on his professionalism and customer orientated approach.