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How Solar Works

a simple primer on
How Solar Works

Solar Electric Panels absorb sunlight and convert light energy into DC electricity. DC electricity is a form of electricity used in batteries. The DC electricity from the solar panels flows to an Inverter. The Inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity, the kind of electricity your home and business uses. The electric output from the Inverter will first satisfy any demand from your home or business and if any is left over, it will flow out into the grid.

Before it goes out into the grid, it will pass through an electric meter called a Net Meter also known as a PV Meter, which your utility will install free of charge. This PV utility meter measures electricity in kilowatt hours (kWh) which is the unit of measurement your utility uses to determine how much to bill you.

When electricity comes from the grid into your house, the number on your meter goes up. When electricity comes from your solar array out to the grid, the number on your meter goes down. Each month, the utility will note the number on your meter. If the number is more than last month, they will bill you for the difference, if the number is less than last month, they will credit your account (in kWh) for the difference. Your credits will continue to roll over month to month for a full year from your anniversary date (when it was installed).

With a correctly calculated Electric Reduction plan, and an appropriately sized solar array we can offset 100% of your electricity usage with solar (PV) production saving you tens of thousands of dollars on electricity costs, protect you from rises in electricity costs, and provide you with new appliances, lighting retrofits and heating/cooling upgrades.

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