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Malcarne Solar has partnerships with a multitude of financing entities, ranging from local banks to national financiers and will help you negotiate the best deal for your solar financing your project.


Our first step towards financing your project is finding out if you are eligible for a home equity loan or line of credit. We have partnerships with several local banks as well as national banks to make the process easy. We start with home equity because it is the best deal; the interest payments are tax deductible, essentially eliminating the interest costs of financing. We have direct contact with lending agents and we will do most of the application work for you.

Some homeowners do not want to dip into their home equity, that’s okay, we have many more solutions. With our financing partner, Spruce Financial, we can get homeowners signed up for short or long term loans, with low APR’s within minutes.

We also offer interest free bridge loans. Many homeowners will take a 12 to 24-month bridge loan for the amount of the resulting tax credits. The following tax season, instead of paying the government, they pay off the loan, completely eliminating any interest payments.

We will structure the project financing to meet your financial goals. Whether its an immediate reduction in monthly electricity costs or maximizing the investment, we can meet your needs.

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We understand that the financial goals and needs for each business are different. That’s why we negotiate financing structures to fit your needs. Here are some examples:

1) A business owner is looking for tax relief, electricity savings and wants to add assets to their books. We’ll put you in touch with our commercial lending partners at several banks. The federal solar tax credits, NYSERDA rebate and MACRS depreciation deductions can cover up to 70% of the project cost. With a business loan from our trusted banking professionals you can deduct the interest payments as well. With the savings on taxes and energy costs, typical investment payback periods are under 5 years; so your business can enjoy 25-35 more years of return.

2) A business owner wants some tax relief, wants to add assets to their company, but does not want to show debt. We will negotiate an operating lease for you. With no upfront cost, reduce or eliminate your electric costs. The entirety of your lease payments is tax deductible. At the end of seven years buy the system at the greater of fair market value or 15% of the lease amount, then enjoy ownership of the system as well as take the MACRS tax reductions.

3) A business owner wants to lower their electric bills, has little or no interest in tax credits/reductions and does not want to make any investment. No problem. We will get you a Power Purchase Agreement. Our third -party financier will pay for the system, own and maintain the system and sell you the power it produces at a reduced rate.

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