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Energy Monitoring

Included with every solar installation is solar production monitoring software. From anywhere in the world (where there is internet) you will be able to see what each individual solar panel is producing and what each panel has produced in the past. Not only will you have a bird’s eye and detailed view of your solar array production, your energy monitoring software will alert Malcarne Solar if there is ever an issue.

Malcarne Solar can also install consumption monitoring. This will allow you to see in almost real time what your house is currently using side by side with your production. Consumption monitoring will give you assurance and more control of your energy usage. Some of our homeowners have taken this to the next level. We installed home automation, so they can see what they are producing, consuming and be able to turn on and off loads remotely, for full control of their energy. Ask your auditor for all your options and determine what level suits your needs.